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Italian- born Patrizia Menton grew up in Italy and Germany before moving to Canada in her twenties. Her keen interest in the visual arts led her to study photography and printmaking in Vancouver, B.C. in the eighties, allowing her to seriously pursue her own photographic vision.

Steeped in traditional darkroom skills, she still prints her own Black & White gelatin silver photographs and chooses to continue shooting with film. Her large archive of images also include cibachrome and analog photography.

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Patrizia's work has been extensively exhibited both in Italy and Canada since 1993. She has co-produced 2 photographic books: "John's Garden", and " Recipes & Rapscallions", and her images have been shown in numerous architectural magazines such as: Wood Le Bois, and Canadian Architect.

Patrizia Menton's home-based studio, Chiaroscuro Photographic Gallery, is located in Hills B.C. on Slocan lake, where her current work is on display from May to October.

Mainly she shoots in medium format, and two of her favorite subject matters are architecture and the natural world.

Some thoughts on these subjects.

Architecture: When photographing architecture I seem to be drawn to the beauty of intimate detail. Moving in close, focusing on simple forms, capturing a visual essence often lost in the larger context of the image. I am particularly fond of old Italian architecture, and the way these testaments of the past reach into present-day life.

Nature: Quiet and stillness of mind often occurs when photographing the natural world. The reward of such focused attention and contemplation leaves one with a deeper appreciation for the exquisite beauty revealed. Even in a single leaf in all it's beauty.